Giftart pic done!

Well, I shaded Izzy’s character up all nice, and started toying with the lighting effects. This was my first attempt.

It’s nice, but eh, it looks too much like another pic I did. And it kind of messed up the lighting I’d already done on the character, which was to have it come from above, and not all sides. After all my beginning gradient was a sphere.

Then I got the idea to have sort of a fountain of light shooting out of her hand.

Ah! Much better already. The actual beam of light is sort of a triple-helix deal, with lots of phoenix-type thingies coming out of the sparks.

Here’s a closeup. Whatever magic she’s using, it seems … ALIVE. Maybe it’s that one … type of fire they summon in the seventh Harry Potter book. I know it wasn’t fel fire, because that’s from World of Warcraft. Infernal Fire? I can’t remember. Anyway, some kind of really hot magical fire like that. I hope she doesn’t mind too much that I drew her character like this. XD

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