Merry Christmas

Hope everybody had a nice Christmas! I know there’s that big snowstorm going on across the middle, northern, and eastern US, and I hope all you folks enjoyed having a white Christmas. šŸ™‚

I can never draw anything Christmasy when I want to. I sat down last night and tried to draw Christmasy, and look what came out.

A raptor. From the back, no less. Which is kind of an interesting way to draw them, but not Christmasy at all.

Then I was looking at one of our calenders, and it has a cardinal on it. So I sat down to draw a cardinal.

Except somewhere along the way it turned into some kind of griffin. If the front half is a cardinal, then the back half gets to be a fox. Because that totally makes sense. Right?


… anyway, that’s about as Christmasy as I can muster, I think. I’m ready for it to be over for a year.


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