Luxray and Shadow step by step

For some reason, playing Pokemon again made me want to draw Luxray. He’s an electric type that looks a lot like Shadow, only black and blue instead of black and red.


I threw Shadow in there for kicks.


I dropped a purple-to-gray gradient in there. I wanted them to be summoning down lightning. It makes sense for Luxray, but not so much for Shadow. Eh, what the heck, it’ll look cool.


I grabbed my airbrush tool and slathered in some background clouds and rocks. These later got reworked with other brushes and liberal application of Smudge, because airbrush looks like … airbrush.


Now Shads and Luxray get some love. Nice high-contrast shading, because of the whole lightning thing. I actually drew the lightning on a new layer and this point, and turned it on and off to make sure the lighting on the characters made sense. I had to keep brightening the highlights and darkening the shadows.


And here’s the pic with all the special effects. Lightning’s so much fun to draw. Also I made Luxray’s eyes glow, as well as the silly star on his tail. If he has to have a star there, it ought to glow. Period.

Also Shadow’s hand is glowing because of the whole lightning summon thing. Maybe this is actually Chaos Spear in disguise! Except … not yellow. And spear-shaped.


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