I know this isn’t art-related, but it’s creative, so I’m gonna talk about it anyway.

I’ve been working on Spacetime Legacy, a joint writing project with my husband. So far there’s four chapters up, and you can read them here. We’ve only been tossing around these characters and concepts for, what, five years now? Maybe longer. And we’ve written this first story three times, at least, and never quite got it how we wanted it each time. So I decided to sit down and write a final version that we could call finished.

I’ve been using my evening art time to cram in some writing, so my art production has dropped a bit. Actually, I’ve hit a wall called “this is getting boring”. I hate it when stories hit that point. Usually when things look boring, I kidnap a character or blow something up just to enliven things.

I sat last night and brainstormed backstory and other story directions. I needed to figure stuff out about the main character’s unfriendly rival. (He has two. The friendly rival and the unfriendly rival.) Used to be when I needed to figure stuff out, I’d just stop writing for a day or two and think about it. But these days, I have so much else on my plate that there’s no room for characters to sit in my head and talk about stuff. (I love it when they talk about stuff. They come up with the best plot twists that way.)

Hence: brainstorming!

…I might still kidnap a character or blow something up, though.

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