I like drawing men


I have just discovered this. Women, meh … but oh gosh, drawing men is fun!

…nevermind that this is Arthas. And he’s, you know, the Lich King and stuff. His face is very harshly defined, and that’s just tons of fun to draw.

They’ve finally patched in the dungeons to let you fight Arthas in Warcraft, and I was watching that opening cinematic again. And killing Arthas has its own quandary, because somebody has to take the Lich King’s place, just like in the third Pirates of the Caribbean. It’d be awesome if the player got to be the next Lich King and command the armies of the undead, but that would break the game, so it’ll be one of the main characters in the storyline. Maybe Bolvar. He took on Onyxia single-handedly (or her minions, anyway), so hey, he’s good material for it.


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