I didn’t feel like bending Photoshop to my will tonight. So I jumped into Painter for a little relaxation with the Artist Oils > Wet Brush. And only two colors. Isn’t it fun how it gets all smeary and smoky? I find that so soothing. It’s like fingerpainting, only without the horrendous mess to clean up afterwards. It’s nice to not be working on some big, life-threatening project, too. Sometimes art just needs to be fluffy and fun.


I wasn’t going to update tonight, but I had such fun making this pic that I figured, ah, what the heck.


I made some of my husband’s characters in Champions Online, took screenshots, and dumped them all together in a group pic. This took a lot of work, and NOW I realize that I should have changed their expressions, too. Ah well, i r teh noob.



Here’s a closeup of my Mosasaur in Space pic. See all the sparkles? That’s just the Photoshop star-shaped brush, clicked many, many times. In different colors. Because stars are different colors, not just white.

I wanted to work on something in blue for once. My sis in law got me hooked on knitting, which I suppose is art, too. I might post pics of it. Assuming my noobishness at it doesn’t ruin my stitches and make me start over. *shifty eyes*

Fuzzy kitty


Worked on my kitty some more, and slapped a gradient behind her to get a feel for how the colors will work in this picture. Browns and muted reds will do the trick, I think.

Also, I did some research, and the swirly color pattern I’m trying to a achieve is called Classic Tabby. It’s so pretty!

Funny how fluffing out a cat’s cheeks gives their face a completely different expression. I think she’s gone from “rawr” to “purr”.



I’ve been wanting to draw a soft, fuzzy kitty picture for a while now. I’ve been thinking about a Maine Coon I had when I was little. For some reason we never had another cat like her … various long-haired calicoes were about it.

Anyway, I wanted to try my hand at a warm, soft pic, like Lesley Harrison paints. Like this one.  Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm inside?

The only reference pic I could find in the pose I wanted (in my whopping five-minute search on Google) was a short-haired cat. So this is a short-haired cat halfway to becoming a long-haired cat. I’m still getting his anatomy all figured out.

Almost done


Lookee! Almost done! Both characters are shaded now, and I finally got the sword in. And the lake is finally looking decent. I found a tutorial on how to make water in Photoshop. Tis so easy! Photoshop is amazing.

I just need to go back and add a bunch of highlights to the water, as well as make it a little less detailed. And then make the floating water a little more liquid looking. This was as far as I got today before babies got up from their naps.



This is my mechanical raptor in Champions Online. I just made her today. All she needs is a name …

Water …


First off, Photoshop does much better conversion to 256 colors than Painter does. Look how grainy yesterday’s Painter pic was compared to today’s Photoshop version. Painter, I pleh upon thee!

Anyway, I added more clouds and used a water texture for the water. Only … it doesn’t really work. Maybe if there was only one third as much texture as is showing. Maybe I increased the contrast too much or something. It’s just too … ruffly. I wanted calm water, dangit!

Also, the floating water thing that the character on the left is doing … that’s hard to draw. Like, really, really hard to draw.

And … background!


Well! I now have both characters roughed out, as well as the rocks and trees. And water.

I’m pondering doing a photo texture cheat the way I did in my Mosasaur pic, because I really don’t feel like drawing all the ripples on the lake’s surface. Also, have you ever noticed that lakes and oceans look distinctly different? If you do a google image search on “sunset lake” and “sunset ocean”, you’ll see what I mean.

Gah, I’m so intimidated by this new blog system that I’m coming off as kind of boring. It’s silly, really. It’s like WordPress is this formal person in a business suit that I need to talk to, and I have trouble working up the nerve. But once I do go up to it and shake its hand, it’s very friendly and welcoming.

Anyway, the pic’s coming along. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow.

Nice colors


Here’s how the commission is coming along. I got the details corrected, and I’m working on the colors and lighting now.

I usually do pics like this by laying in the background color and lighting first. That way I know which way the shadows fall. I like the colors in this pic so far … calm and pastel-ly. A change from the last couple of pics I’ve done.