Big ol’ dragon

I got a commission to draw two of the dragons from His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik: Temeraire, the hero dragon, and Maximus, one of his friends.

Seeing as drawing Temeraire is a lot like eating chocolate cake, I decided to draw Maximus first and save Temeraire for dessert.


Here’s a sketch. I might do a few more if my client doesn’t like this one. Here’s Maximus getting harnessed up in preparation for battle. He’s one of the biggest breeds, and is really big even for his breed. Maximus isn’t really described in any detail in the book, aside from being big and red. Fan renditions vary widely, and the sketches at the back of the books are so samey as to be very little help. So I’m going with what makes sense to me. And he’s supposed to be a European dragon, so I’m going with the features that European dragons tend to have.

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