World concepts

I’ve been writing a bunch on my husband’s story project, SpaceTime Legacy (available at It’s a story about space mages and time mages and all the shenanigans they get up to. Anyway, I need some interesting other worlds for them to go to.

I’ve been thinking back through different worlds I’ve read and written. There were some great worlds in the Subtle Knife, and the various Myst games, and a few neat ones in the Narnia books. There’s been random fantasy worlds that had really cool things in them while being basically like ours. And stuff like Pern and the Crystal Singer, which had such a great world and such poor execution of it. (I don’t want to read about sex and politics, thanks! Get to the STORY!) But that’s a rant for another time.

So I want some worlds that are like ours that just happen to have, say, giant talking bugs or sentient crystals. And I want some worlds that are, like, dude, faaaaaaar out. So here’s a concept for a plant world.


Where the trees have giant leaves and stuff. I don’t know what the crystal’s for. It just looks cool.

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