Art slump gone

Haha! I have defeated the art slump? Want to know how?

I took a few days off. Got addicted to the DS Animal Crossing. Did some writing. Watched some Psych.

Carda bought me this as a belated birthday present. So now Metal Sonic graces my desk. And last night I tried to draw him.

I discovered that classic Metal Sonic differs from my Mecha quite a bit. His spines are shorter and his eyes aren’t quite so evil. From some angles, he doesn’t look evil at all. Kind of friendly, in fact.


So you see my attempt at drawing him there. The lines are all dark and stiff because I was still art-slumped and wasn’t too sure how this pic would go.

Then I figured, well hey, let’s make this a NetRaptor’s Sonicverse pic! So I chucked Sonic and Shadow/Mekion in there. But there were some gaps. So I went, “Well, let’s add Silver and just cover all the main hedgehogs.”

But there was one last gap. So I dumped in Knuckles and figured it could be more of a Sonic Rivals pic.

But then it makes no sense to have Mekion in there. Ah well. I’ll color it anyway and make it all spiffy.

One thought on “Art slump gone

  1. Oh wow, you got the big Metal Sonic figure! They’re supposed to be releasing more characters actually, I can’t wait to see those.

    Nice sketch too! I can’t wait to see the colored result. Glad to see you’re out of the slump!


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