Almost done


Lookee! Almost done! Both characters are shaded now, and I finally got the sword in. And the lake is finally looking decent. I found a tutorial on how to make water in Photoshop. Tis so easy! Photoshop is amazing.

I just need to go back and add a bunch of highlights to the water, as well as make it a little less detailed. And then make the floating water a little more liquid looking. This was as far as I got today before babies got up from their naps.



This is my mechanical raptor in Champions Online. I just made her today. All she needs is a name …


2 thoughts on “Almost done

  1. Whoa, sweet raptor. The water too looks far better, has a nice ‘lakey’ look.

    Hmm… name… how about Netraptor? Or Cyberaptor. Cyberaptor’s pretty good.


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