Water …


First off, Photoshop does much better conversion to 256 colors than Painter does. Look how grainy yesterday’s Painter pic was compared to today’s Photoshop version. Painter, I pleh upon thee!

Anyway, I added more clouds and used a water texture for the water. Only … it doesn’t really work. Maybe if there was only one third as much texture as is showing. Maybe I increased the contrast too much or something. It’s just too … ruffly. I wanted calm water, dangit!

Also, the floating water thing that the character on the left is doing … that’s hard to draw. Like, really, really hard to draw.


2 thoughts on “Water …

  1. Oooh… so pretty… I must say though, unless there’s strong winds, the lake wouldn’t be that ruffly.

    By the way, love the new blog!


  2. Yeah, it looks more like the ocean than a lake. Lakes don’t have surf, and what I’ve got there is surf.

    Thanks for signing up and posting! Makes the blog not so lonely. 🙂


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