And … background!


Well! I now have both characters roughed out, as well as the rocks and trees. And water.

I’m pondering doing a photo texture cheat the way I did in my Mosasaur pic, because I really don’t feel like drawing all the ripples on the lake’s surface. Also, have you ever noticed that lakes and oceans look distinctly different? If you do a google image search on “sunset lake” and “sunset ocean”, you’ll see what I mean.

Gah, I’m so intimidated by this new blog system that I’m coming off as kind of boring. It’s silly, really. It’s like WordPress is this formal person in a business suit that I need to talk to, and I have trouble working up the nerve. But once I do go up to it and shake its hand, it’s very friendly and welcoming.

Anyway, the pic’s coming along. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “And … background!

  1. Yay!! Now I can comment. I like your backgrounds but really I want to know about those chocolate rolls/ or cinnamon rolls with chocolate, tell me how you did it.

    It all looks good Kessie,

    oops N.R. ūüôā


  2. Well, they started out as regular cinnamon rolls. But when it came time to make the glaze, I noticed that there was a variation in Betty Crocker for chocolate glaze.

    Chocolate glaze on cinnamon rolls is sinful.


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