Glorious color

I blocked in the colors on my dragon today. Check it out:


I went back through the first Temeraire book and found the nearest location to their training-covert that I could, a town called Inverness-Shire. So I googled it and came up with some really gorgeous photos. I’m using some of those as reference for the background, along with a partly cloudy sky, since it’s the UK. 🙂

Something about the colors and the lighting in this pic really excite me. Maybe it’s the contrasts?

Big ol’ dragon

I got a commission to draw two of the dragons from His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik: Temeraire, the hero dragon, and Maximus, one of his friends.

Seeing as drawing Temeraire is a lot like eating chocolate cake, I decided to draw Maximus first and save Temeraire for dessert.


Here’s a sketch. I might do a few more if my client doesn’t like this one. Here’s Maximus getting harnessed up in preparation for battle. He’s one of the biggest breeds, and is really big even for his breed. Maximus isn’t really described in any detail in the book, aside from being big and red. Fan renditions vary widely, and the sketches at the back of the books are so samey as to be very little help. So I’m going with what makes sense to me. And he’s supposed to be a European dragon, so I’m going with the features that European dragons tend to have.

Lost at sea


Still making up new worlds to write about. Here’s a water-type one, mostly created by looking at the Photoshop gradients and wondering what sorts of things I could make with just those colors and a brush set to Multiply.

It was kind of fun painting the water like that. I’ve never really tried to paint ocean waves, but it’s always daunted me. So I just went for it using two colors, and it actually looks like ocean waves. Hurrah! As for the thing in the background … could be an island, could be a ship, could be something in between. I left it vague so the imagination has room to wander.

World concepts

I’ve been writing a bunch on my husband’s story project, SpaceTime Legacy (available at It’s a story about space mages and time mages and all the shenanigans they get up to. Anyway, I need some interesting other worlds for them to go to.

I’ve been thinking back through different worlds I’ve read and written. There were some great worlds in the Subtle Knife, and the various Myst games, and a few neat ones in the Narnia books. There’s been random fantasy worlds that had really cool things in them while being basically like ours. And stuff like Pern and the Crystal Singer, which had such a great world and such poor execution of it. (I don’t want to read about sex and politics, thanks! Get to the STORY!) But that’s a rant for another time.

So I want some worlds that are like ours that just happen to have, say, giant talking bugs or sentient crystals. And I want some worlds that are, like, dude, faaaaaaar out. So here’s a concept for a plant world.


Where the trees have giant leaves and stuff. I don’t know what the crystal’s for. It just looks cool.

What a gradient morning


We’re entering into our annual Fog Season here in the valley. Fog is really difficult for me to paint. I’ve seen lots of people pull it off with gradients or airbrushing. I guess I just need to really observe it and practice it.

So here’s a nice, foggy, gradient-heavy morning with a date palm silhouetted in the foreground. Kudos if you can name the dino.

A bit o’ shading


I try shading Super Sonic all different ways. I think I actually do him different every time I draw him. But by far, my favorite way it shade him is like a candle flame. You know, blue-white at the bottom shading through yellow to orange to red at the tips. Makes him look really blinding. And I haven’t even added the glow effects yet!

Mecha’s got his shadows, but no highlights yet. Also his rune, which I’m trying to figure out how to make slightly curved, to wrap around his wrist. Maybe I should shrink it a bit.

And Shadow looks awesome with no shading at all. *fangirl*

Art slump gone

Haha! I have defeated the art slump? Want to know how?

I took a few days off. Got addicted to the DS Animal Crossing. Did some writing. Watched some Psych.

Carda bought me this as a belated birthday present. So now Metal Sonic graces my desk. And last night I tried to draw him.

I discovered that classic Metal Sonic differs from my Mecha quite a bit. His spines are shorter and his eyes aren’t quite so evil. From some angles, he doesn’t look evil at all. Kind of friendly, in fact.


So you see my attempt at drawing him there. The lines are all dark and stiff because I was still art-slumped and wasn’t too sure how this pic would go.

Then I figured, well hey, let’s make this a NetRaptor’s Sonicverse pic! So I chucked Sonic and Shadow/Mekion in there. But there were some gaps. So I went, “Well, let’s add Silver and just cover all the main hedgehogs.”

But there was one last gap. So I dumped in Knuckles and figured it could be more of a Sonic Rivals pic.

But then it makes no sense to have Mekion in there. Ah well. I’ll color it anyway and make it all spiffy.

Art I like

Well, I’m officially in an art slump.

Usually as I go about my day, I’ll notice something, or think of something, that I’d like to try drawing. But the last few days have been a little stressful, and my muse has fled. My mind’s eye is blind.

So I’m going to try some input for a while, instead of output. Play some games, read some books. In the meantime, here’s some art that I’ve enjoyed lately.

Peregrine Portrait by =Nambroth on deviantART

And also this one and this one. Also, this one made me laugh.